I am an Abstract Artist.
I have been painting since I remember myself and Art is an inseparable part of me. Shades of color, shapes and textures play a big role in my work. Exploring the boundaries between the three fascinate me every single time and fuels my curiosity to create further.

My studio based in Israel.
I work B2C- with private customers.
I work B2B- with Interior designers and Architects, Building management companies, Gallery curators.

All the paintings were created with quality acrylic paints on canvas and made with a lot of love. Transformation of the dream into creation is a long journey, which contains a lot of layers to achieve different unique textures. After the drying process, every painting is coated with protecting layer from dust and color fading.

The artworks are available as the original pieces, selectable from the collections or also can be custom-made orders, according to the style of the space, colorfulness and size by request. Abstract artwork is the most appropriate upgrade for a modern lifestyle.